PhoTAYgraphy 2016 - Japan!

So what, I like to take pictures. So what, I took 1280 photos while I was in Japan. No big deal :P

Luckily for you all, I have whittled it down to the best of the best, cream of the crop! Some are still better than others, though.

Below are some of the highlights, while you can find some more (don’t worry, not 1000 more.. I think there’s 80 in total) in an imgur album here!


What’s a Japan trip without a cat?
Akihabara - Nerd Heaven
Pork Udon? Yes, please.
Rainbow Bridge leading out to Odaiba
Mobile Suit Gundam! I was so excited to see this.
Don’t litter, or you’ll bother the strange forest animals/mythical creatures.
Aokigahara - Commonly referred to as “Suicide Forest”
I didn’t ring that bell...
Mt. Fuji was clouded over the whole day we were there, but just as we were getting ready to leave the peak poked out of the clouds. It was great. Praying at the shrine for a good view of the mountain paid off. Thanks Japanese Gods!
Tokyo Tower!
View from up in Tokyo Tower. You can actually see the Tokyo Skytree out in the distance.
One of the main reasons we went to Japan. For that tasty sushi!
Outer wall/moat to the Tokyo Imperial Palace (the Emperor lives there!)
Nintendo still makes playing cards... I had no idea!
Everyone knows Japan’s vending machines sell everything, but I didn’t expect beer.
Osaka! Such an amazing city.
You can’t go to Osaka and not try Takoyaki!
Nightmare fuel.
More nightmare fuel.
Kyoto Tower all lit up at night.
Fushimi-Inari... They weren’t kidding when they said thousands of gates!
Classic lanterns.
Some trees at the Kyoto Imperial Palace were so old they needed crutches for their massive branches.
Imperial Palace. I have a shot where there isn’t a little girl running through, but I thought she added character to the photo.
The Japanese know how to do a roof.
They also know how to do gardens... Damn!
And temples! What can’t the Japanese do?
These bamboo are so insanely tall. They provided some much needed shade of a sunny, hot, day.

Thanks for checking out my pictures. If you want to view more, you can see them in my imgur album here.

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