Hello again. Welcome to another instance of As SupremeEvan Stumbles... an ongoing series throughout the summer for PhoTAYgraphy Club.

I've been rather busy with work and whatnot. Kinda sucks, since I bought this new camera and I've been too busy to really use it. Well even if I'm not going far, I plan on getting some interesting photos.

Walked outside and the first wonderful thing to greet me was a spider spinning a beautiful web on my porch.

I was trying to get better lighting on the spider, so I thought to myself "Hey Evan, the flash built into my camera can provide tons of light. Lets try that out!" Bad call, Evan... Bad call. The nightmares have yet to stop...


Enough of the scary-ass spider.

This next shot was macro style! I don't, however, own a macro lens. I was able to get up close and personal with my denim jeans my detaching my 18-55mm lens, and flipping it around. Of course it didn't attach, so I had to hold it up to the camera body, but it got the job done.


I'm not sure if any of you remember me complaining about my neighbour above me tossing down garbage and such from their balcony. Either way, I have proof (for some reason, litter always seems to be an interesting photography subject for me, and always turns out cool in my opinion).


One last photo. Fat cat outdoors!