I played the hell out of my Pokemon games.

My first game in the series was Pokemon Yellow. I mean, my friends all had GameBoys and their own Pokemon games, so I would watch and play a battle or two. But we didn't have the money for that sort of thing. So I started saving up my money delivering papers right away. By the time I had saved up enough to buy a GameBoy Color, Pokemon Yellow had been released. When I first started up the game and received my first Pokemon, I knew that I was hooked.

I played Yellow like no other, trading and battling with friends. When Gold and Silver were released, I badgered my parents like no other. Sure enough, come my Christmas, the big present for me was Pokemon Gold. Easily my favourite in the series.


I then went on to get a GameBoy Advance with Pokemon Ruby, followed by Pokemon FireRed, then a DS with Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon HeartGold.

I'd spent days, months... maybe even a year's worth of time making my way to the Elite Four countless times in all sorts of different regions with different Pokemon. But I found myself tired of it all. Pearl was a great version, but HeartGold just felt stale. I realize it was only a remake, but I guess I was expecting more at this point. The adventure was old, and the battles were repetitive. I was tired of leaving behind my high-level Pokemon that I had spent months training, only to start again at level 5 with a new starter Pokemon.

Pokemon Black and White were released. I wasn't interested in them at all. I didn't look into the new Pokemon, I didn't read about new moves, I didn't bother learning about these games at all.


Black and White 2 were released. I just glossed over the games at this point, I honestly still have no idea what they are about.

But then I saw screens for Pokemon X and Y popping up all over Kotaku. It seemed new, and different. I was intrigued. Actually interested in a Pokemon game again. So I decided if I was going to invest myself in X and Y, I was going to need to play some catch up. Pokemon White and White 2 were sitting there as an obstacle. I remembered the level 100 Torterra that I had left behind. It seemed daunting.

I went to the store and saw White sitting up on the shelf. I was feeling energized by the prospects of X and Y. My first Pokemon related purchase in 3 years (which after typing it doesn't seem big in the long run, but it felt like I had been away from the game for eternity).

I started up the game and received my first Pokemon, I knew that I was hooked. The time that I had spent away from the game allowed me to remember and appreciate all of the things in the games that had begun to tire me. I've been reinvigorated. I've been playing for hours on end, and I've been having a blast.

It feels good to be back.